Friends of Eastern Market

“Eastern Market offers something unique... I want to give to a charity that is invested in Detroit and its people. Eastern Market is more than just a farmer’s market; it’s a place where people come together...” - Melanie Danley, Teacher/Friend of Eastern Mkt.

Open Cooking Classes

Cooking classes will each focus on preparing foods available in the Market district, with an eye towards seasonality, nutrition, and variety in diet. Attendees will learn basic and intermediate cookery techniques, work hands-on with fresh produce and meats, and dine on the results of their afternoon’s work. Handouts with recipes and information will be provided and to-go boxes will be available for those who want to share.

Future Classes

2017 classes coming soon!

125 Stories

Since 1891, Eastern Market has been nourishing Detroit. It’s a place for members of the community to access fresh produce, connect, learn and grow. Many of the foundational principles that established Eastern Market as a destination long ago are part of our collective culture.

In celebration of our 125th anniversary this year, we want to hear from you about your experiences at the Market and the memories of how the Market’s presence has made an impact on your life. Appearing below are the memories and experiences others have already shared with us.

With your help, we’ll have 125 stories to share. One for each year Eastern Market has helped create a healthier, wealthier, happier Detroit. Click here to share your story now!