Event Detail

Whole Hog Butchery Class

Ever wanted to learn how to break down a hog? Here is your chance! On Sunday, January 15th you will have an opportunity to see how a hog is broken down and utilized. The class will focus on how to butcher a half hog. You will learn how to break a hog down into primal and sub-primal cuts. These cuts are done so for specific cooking and charcuterie/salumi use. 

What You Learn:

  • Primal & Sub-primal cuts of pork
  • How half hog butchery is done
  • The various breeds of pig and the pastoral proces

What You Get:

  • A greater knowledge of the different primal and sub primal cuts of pork.
  • A better understanding of how seam butchery is done.

We hope you can make the class.
Must prepay for your spot, limited space.

Eastern Market Community Kitchen
Shed 5
January 15th 9:00AM
January 15th 12:30PM