Healthier, Wealthier, Happier Detroit

Experience one of the oldest and largest year-round markets in the United States. Our goal is to build on Eastern Market's rich history to make a healthier, wealthier and happier Detroit. 

Our Tuesday and Sunday Markets begin this week and are open through September! Our Tuesday Markets are a smaller version of our Saturday tradition with an added health & wellness focus that includes cooking classes, free yoga & Zumba, and more. Our Sunday Market features home goods, art, jewelry, Michigan-made products, antiques, entertainment, kids activities, and more. Hope to see you there soon!

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So much to see. So much to do.

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Saturday Market is just one of our six markets. Why not try them all?

Join us in our mission of making fresh food more accessible to everyone!

Welcome Center Hours

Stop in to ask a question, get maps and recipes, or present your Bridge Card to receive tokens accepted at many vendors under the sheds.

  • Saturday 7am-4pm (year-round)
  • Tuesday 9am-3pm (June-Sept.)
  • Sunday 10am-4pm (June-Sept.)

District shops and restaurants are open after shed hours. Check our directory for specifics.

1445 Adelaide, Detroit, MI 48207 (between Sheds 2 and 3)

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Tuesday & Sunday Markets

Tuesday and Sunday Markets are open now through September! Our Tuesday Markets are a smaller version of our Saturday tradition that include cooking classes and free yoga/Zumba. Our Sunday Market features art, jewelry, Michigan-made products, antiques, entertainment, and more.

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Tailgating at Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a lively, open-air gathering place for thousands of enthusiastic Lions fans. Our parking lots provide plenty of space to park and set up a party around your vehicle. Shuttles run continuously between Ford Field and Eastern Market or tailgaters can make the quick 10-minute walk across the bridge to the football stadium.

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