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Buskers (street performers) create an infectious spirit throughout Eastern Market on market days. We love hosting them, and welcome all kinds including singers, musicians, actors, mimes, jugglers, magicians, human statues and puppeteers. They perform for thousands of visitors of all ages, ethnicities and localities. And shoppers can be generous tippers.

Passing muster as a busker

First, a few ground rules:

  • Buskers must be at least 12 years old.
  • A busking group should not exceed four people unless you get written permission from Eastern Market Corporation (EMC).
  • If you're an acrobat, tumbler, cyclist or other performer requesting additional space, you can request EMC's permission to become a busker.
  • Using amplification? You guessed it. That requires EMC's written permission too. We allow one location in the market for this.
  • All buskers must apply in person at the EMC office at 2934 Russell Street.

Three pretty simple steps

  1. Complete an application form at 2935 Russell Street and bring it along with $5.00 (credit card, cash, check or money order made payable to Eastern Market Corporation). This is a one-time registration fee to be an Eastern Market busker. Please bring your badge holder with you whenever you perform. Badges are an important way for us to know who is an approved busker. So if you lose your badge or forget to bring it when you perform, you'll be charged $5.00. (Per client: Add release information to busker application)
  2. Busker slots are assigned on the day of performance on a first-come, first-served basis. Come to the EMC office (2934 Russell Street) during daytime office hours.
  3. If a busking slot is available, you'll receive a busking badge with your time and location. Place the badge in your Eastern Market badge holder and make it visible.


Where: You'll be performing at one of a few designated locations around the market.
When: Buskers perform during public market hours on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Sundays. Get details on the differences between market days.

Contact us with any questions about busking at Eastern Market.

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